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The University of Iowa

About Me

I am an Associate Research Scientist in the Human Brain Research Laboratory in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Iowa.

My research focus is the cognitive neuroscience of speech and language processing. I use behavioral (psychophysics, eyetracking) and electrophysiological techniques(currently ECoG, with prior work in MEG and EEG) to investigate phonetic categorization, lexical access, and effects of extra-acoustic information (e.g., visual, contextual) on speech perception in adults and children (pediatric work with Brian Dlouhy, MD). I am also interested in the role of the anterior temporal lobes in human social and linguistic processes (e.g., memory, recall, and overt naming of unique entites).

My undergraduate degree is from the University of Kansas (BA, 2006) in Linguistics and in Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences and Disorders. At Kansas, I worked with Allard Jongman, Joan Sereno,and Ed Auer. In 2011 I received my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Maryland, College Park (advised by Bill Idsardi and David Poeppel) where I studied the neuroscience of audiovisual speech perception. My postdoc at the University of Iowa focused on sensory and cognitive neuroscience with intracranial recordings; I was mentored by Matthew A. Howard III (Neurosurgery) and Bob McMurray (Psychological and Brain Sciences).


Abstracts linked below open in new tab; full text may require subscription access. Contact me by email for a PDF copy.

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