1. mathematics and redistricting: what we know, what we don't, and where we're going 4.3MB
  2. Compactness: a Mathematical Introduction (Paper) 2.3MB
  3. Symbiosis: How Governments and Manufacturers Thrive Together (Paper) 185KB
  4. Urban Sprawl (Presentation) 237KB
  5. Ranked-Choice Voting and Brexit: Methods and Outcomes (Paper) 848KB
  6. Ranked-Choice Voting and Brexit: Methods and Outcomes (Presentation) 827KB
  7. Seeds of Democracy (Presentation) 2.8MB
  8. Seeds of Democracy (Presentation w/Footnotes) 528KB
  9. Markov Chains, Mixing Time, and Gerrymandering (Presentation) 130KB
  10. Brief of Potential Fall 2018 Research Projects (161KB)
  11. Gerrymandering Whitepaper (1.7MB)
  12. Gerrymandering Presentation (2018-08-02) (4.7MB)
  13. Proration Images (Directory) (325KB)
  14. Proration Completion Document (2KB)
  15. "Assessing significance in a Markov chain without mixing" Wes Pegden, et al. (2016) (4MB)
  16. Introduction to Gerrymandering (Presentation) (9.7MB)
  17. Partisan Metrics (Presentation) (2MB)
  18. Compactness vs. Sampling (Presentation) (743KB)


  1. EES:1030 Study Guide (321KB)


  1. CV (Print) (58KB)
  2. Résumé (Print) (61KB)