This page is, essentially, an academic record. Listed are all the major courses I've completed, am in the process of taking (labeled "(ip)"), or took/received credits for while in high school (labeled "(hs)"). For any courses labeled (hs), please refer to the introductory course diagram.

Computer Science (CS)

1020 (hs) 1110 (hs) 1210 (hs)
2110 (hs) 2210: Discrete Structures (hs) 2230: Data Structures
2820: OOP 3330: Algorithms 4350: Logic in CS
2630: Computer Organization 4720: Optimization 4980: Compiler Construction
3640: Networks 4980: Electronic Voting 5370: Computational Geometry

Mathematics (MATH)

0100 (hs) 0300 (hs) 1005 (hs)
1020 (hs) 1440 (hs) 1460 (hs)
1550 (hs) 1850 (hs) 1860: Calculus II
2700: Linear Algebra 3800: Elementary Numerical Analysis 2850: Calculus III
3770: Analysis 4820: Optimization (X-listed w/ CS) 3720: Abstract Algebra
3600: PDEs 4040: Matrix Theory 4050: Discrete Mathematics
5400: Topology 6010: Introduction to Algebra II

Furthermore, I am a part of the University of Iowa's Big Data Summer School. This weeklong series of lectures, seminars, and faculty presentations brings students into the folds of large data analysis. As a TA, I help prepare lectures, provide course materials, guide students through tough spots, and play a significant role in acquiring coffee and food for lunch.