Active Tectonics and Geodesy
William Barnhart, Assistant Professor
The University of Iowa

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Research Group Members

William (Bill) Barnhart

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Cornell University (2013)

B.S. Washington and Lee University (2008)

Assistant Professor, University of Iowa (2015-Present)

USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2015)


Research Interests: All things tectonic that move, and how to measure those movements


Shaoyang Li

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D.: GFZ Potsdam and Freie Universitat Berlin

Masters: Beijing Normal University and UPMC

B.S.: Beijing Normal University


Research Project: Structure of the Main Himalayan Thrust

Katherine Peterson

Graduate Student (Masters)

B.S. University of Rochester


Research Project: Bimodal slip in Pakistan





Clayton Brengman

Graduate Student (PhD)

B.S. Northwestern University

M.S. University of Kentucky


Research Project: Earthquake relocations and seismic hazard in the Middle East

Emma Mankin

Undergraduate Researcher


Research Project: InSAR and earthquake detection


Nickolas Johnson

Undergraduate Researcher


Research Project: High resolution DEMs, faulting in Pakistan


Hannah Shea

Undergraduate Researcher


Research Project: High resolution DEMs


Jack Biscupski

Undergraduate Researcher


Research Project: Open source software development

Past Group Members:



Bryan Stressler (Masters 2017, Now at NOAA)



Terryl Bandy:           High-resolution topographic mapping in southern California (Summer 2016 ICRU Fellow,

                                now at FSU)

Sam Wallace:          InSAR mapping in Iowa (2016-2017, now at Northwestern University)


Collaborators (Past and Present)


Richard Briggs, USGS

David Harbor, Washington and Lee University

Jessica Murray, USGS

Gavin Hayes, USGS

Harley Benz, USGS

Will Yeck, USGS

Dan McNamara, USGS

Vera Schulte-Pelkum, CU Boulder

Roger Bilham, CU Boulder

Ryan Gold, USGS

Nadine Reitman, USGS/CU Boulder

Paco Gomez, University of Missouri

Eric Fielding, NASA JPL

Eric Bergman

Michael Willis, Cornell University

Sergey Samsonov, Natural Resources Canada