I am a historian of medicine and public health in the Caribbean and Latin America. My current research looks at medical understandings of fever in the French, British, Spanish, and U.S. Caribbean empires.  See my CV.

Recent publications:

“The Question of Racial Immunity to Yellow Fever in History and Historiography,” forthcoming in Social Science History, forthcoming. (Prepublication draft.)

“Los orígenes caribeños del Sistema Nacional de Salud Pública en los Estados Unidos.  Una aproximación global a la historia de la medicina y de la salud pública en Latinoamérica”, forthcoming in História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos, forthcoming 2014. (Prepublication draft.)

“Globalizing the History of Disease, Medicine, and Public Health in Latin America,” Isis, 104:4 (December 2013); 798-806.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on the history of disease, public health, and empire; the history of medicine and public health in Latin America; disease in the Caribbean; global history of Latin American science and medicine; and readings on disease in the Caribbean. For detailed course descriptions see ISIS.

Current students can access the course website on ICON.

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