Laird Addis, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

                                My association with the University of Iowa began in 1951 when,
                                                   at the age of 14, I started four years of working evenings and,
   Office address:                                 in summers, full time in the hospital kitchens.  During my
     170 English-Philosophy Building (EPB)         undergraduate years, with majors in Music and Philosophy (BA,
     The Department of Philosophy                  1959), I worked in University cafeterias and libraries to 
     The University of Iowa                        supplement my income from playing my bass and music copying.
     Iowa City, IA  52242                          Following a year at Brown University (MA, 1960), I returned to
                                                   Iowa (Ph.D, 1964) to study with Gustav Bergmann.  Joining the
   Office phone: 319-335-0495                      faculty in 1963, I moved up the ranks to Professor (1974), and
   Office FAX:   319-353-2392                      retired after 41 years on the faculty (Emeritus Professor, 2004).

   Home phone:   319-338-6635                      My life as a musician has included 29 seasons with the Quad City
                                                   Symphony Orchestra and 35 with the Iowa City Community String
                                                   Orchestra (and still playing as of 2015).  Additionally, I returned
                                                   to composing in 2007, after a break of 45 years.  I am a proud
   e-mail address:           member of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 450.



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