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Note: All of Nicholas Johnson's files are accessed from his main Web site,, regardless of the variety of individual servers on which they are now, or may have formerly been stored since the early 1980s. In late 2014 the University of Iowa moved individuals' Web pages from one server (where his were stored in a sub-directory of "~cyberlaw") to a new server (where those former files are now stored in a sub-directory of "johnson"). As a result of that move, a large number of links will need to be tracked down and changed. Given the hundreds (or thousands) of documents and pages, and other demands on my time, it will be months before all have been cleaned up. Meanwhile, while not all are accessible many are. However, they cannot be accessed from this page, which is why this notice advises you to go to:

Thank you.

Nicholas Johnson, May 17, 2015

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