Olivo Research Group

Biocatalysis and Total Synthesis of Natural Products


  Synthesis of Natural Products

Nature provides a myriad of chemical structures that is the inspiration for the synthetic organic chemist. Our research interest is in natural products that can provide a platform for developing compounds with a superior therapeutic index than the parent compound.

  Synthesis of Medicinally Significant Agents

There are some chemical agents that have attracted our interest, not because of their chemical structure, but because of their unique biological activity. Our interest is in developing facile syntheses to these agents.

  Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry

Again, inspired by Nature, a factory of the largest and more diverse library of biologically active compounds, we are interested in those reactions that Nature is more apt than our arsenal of modern chemical methodologies. We are particularly interested in those reactions that are difficul to mimic by common chemical means, and also enzymes that can be used for reactions not used by Nature. Enzyme-catalyzed and microbial transformations meet all the criteria to possess value in green chemistry.




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