Guillaume Girard

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Geological sciences

Michigan State University

East Lansing

MI 48823 USA


My research interests are broadly focused around the processes and time scales under which magmas are generated and evolve, from their source region to eruption at the surface. As part of my Ph.D. at McGill University, Montreal, I worked on magma chamber dynamics at large silicic calderas (Yellowstone) in John Stix’ group, and I investigated magma evolution time scales using trace element geochemistry and trace element zoning in crystals. Since, I worked in Mark Reagan’s group at the University of Iowa where I focused on the time scales of generation, ascent and degassing of magmas at Kilauea using U-series isotope geochemistry. I am also interested in interactions between magmatism and tectonics in the Southeastern Mariana fore-arc region in the Western Pacific. Since September 2012, I have joined Michigan State University as visiting assistant professor. See my research page for details.



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Last update: September 1, 2012


Photos: top: the Medicine Bow range from the summit of Medicine Bow Peak, SE Wyoming. left: the Vercors chain near Grenoble, Western French Alps - (a > 100 km long Cretaceous limestone ridge, the ‘Urgonian’ formation)

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