8:29 News from Nowhere: Art and Ecotopia

August 23rd Introduction to course; Morris's life

August 30th assignment: read introduction to Penguin edition

class: slides of Morris's designs

September 6th assignment: chapters 1-4

class: on-line edition chapters 1-16

September 13th assignment, chapters 5-8

class: discussion opening of book, chapters 1-4

September 20th class: discussion chapters 5-8

September 27th class: discussion chapters 9-13

October 4th on-line edition to end

October 11th class: Morris's illuminations and stained glass works

October 18th class: discussion chapters 14-17

October 20th class: discussion chapters 18-21

October 25th class: slides of Pre-Raphaelite artists

November 1st class: discussion chapters 22-25

November 8th class: discussion chapters 26-29

November 15th Morris's socialism, views on urban design

Thanksgiving break week of November 22nd

November 29th discussion chapters 30-32

December 6th essay, "The Beauty of Life"

December 13th: final session


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